AC03.  .50 cal. M2 Trunnion Feedway Protector.
For U. S. G. I. .50 cal. M2 Browning machineguns and semi-auto replicas. Will not fit FN gun with centrally-located belt-holding pawl spring. Remove (and then replace) belt-holding pawl and both right and left pins to install.  Otherwise, same as AC01 above.
Price:  $14.00 delivered.


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AC01.  .30-06 Trunnion Feedway Protector. 
For M1917 and M1919 Browning machineguns and semi-auto replicas that are original, unmodified  .30-06 guns characterized by narrow belt holding pawl and rear cartridge stop with U-shaped cutout.  Made from 300-series .017 stainless steel.  Clips on easily—no tools required.  Protects trunnion from link scarring.  Can be left in place when using cloth belts. 
Price:  $14.00 delivered.

AC02.  7.62 Nato Trunnion Feedway Protector.

For M1917/1919 guns as above, but dimensioned to fit around wider belt holding pawl and shorter rear cartridge stop of Isreali 7.62 Nato conversion. Can be used for all caliber conversions when these two parts are left in place.  In all other respects, same as AC01 above.
Price: $14.00  delivered.


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