AC06A.  Can Holder Bracket and mating 1917-style Ammo Box Receptacle.  
Use to make AC05 Universal Can Holder quick-detachable. Use with AC28 Mounting system or AC04-series Universal mounting fixtures. Includes fasteners.  Heavy-gauge steel construction.
Black oxide finish. Shipping wt.—2 lbs. 
SALE PRICE:  $35.00 plus shipping.


AC11.  Pedestal Mount Yoke.  
Fits vehicle-type socket.  Accepts all Browning belt-fed guns; Vickers .303 belt-fed guns; and 1910 Maxims.  Works with AC28 mounting system and with AC04-series Universal Mounting Fixtures.  Heavy-duty welded steel construction. 
Parkerized finish. Shipping wt.—10 lbs.
SALEPRICE:  $140.00  plus shipping.



AC24.  Feed Ramp Assy. for M1919A4.
Attaches to left side of Universal Mounting Fixture with AC05 Universal Can Holder to support belt. Not absolutely necessary, but nice to have to keep belt from getting caught between gun and can holder.
Black oxide finish.
AC05.  Universal Can Holder.   
Accepts any U. S. or Nato .30 cal. metal ammo can.  Has 4-hole pattern for attachment to either AC04 Universal mounting Fixture or AC06 1917-style Can holder Bracket.  Steel.  Black oxide finish.  Shipping wt.---4 lbs.

SALE PRICE:  $44.00 plus shipping.


AC15.  MG-3 AA Tripod Replacement Yoke for Browning, Vickers, or Maxim1910 Machineguns.   
Replaces MG-3 attaching piece and fits in center shaft using original 6 mm pin or 1/4 inch roll pin furnished..  All steel.   Pintle stud threaded through yoke and locked with jam nut.  Same width as AC11 Yoke.   Works with AC28 M1919A4 Mounting System and components.  Parkerized finish.    Shipping wt.—6 lbs. 
SALE PRICE:  $45.00 plus shipping.



        Title II Weapons Manufacturer 


Cartridge Ejection Chute.

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AC04.  Improved Universal Mounting Fixture. 
Use with 1917, 1919, and .30 AN/M2 BMG’s; Vickers; or 1910 Maxim.  Attaches to AC11 or AC15 yokes. Accepts AC05 can holder or AC07 1917-style ammo box receptacle; AC21 Link Chute, and AC24 Feed Ramp. Available in 1-sided or 2-sided configuration, which allows mounting of second can holder for empty links.  Welded steel construction.  Not designed to be used with close-to-ground M2 or M122 Infantry tripods.  Includes fasteners.  Parkerized finish. Shipping wt.--  5 lbs. 
SALE PRICE:  AC04-1 (1 sided type)--$60.00 plus shipping. DISCONTINUED--LIMITED SUPPLY!
SALE PRICE:  AC04-2 (2 sided type)--$80.00 plus shipping. DISCONTINUED--LIMITED SUPPLY!

AC28.  Mounting system for the 1917 or 1919 BMG's only.  Shown with optional AC11 Pedestal Mount Yoke

AC21.  Link Chute Assy. for M1919A4.   
For use with AC04-2 (2-sided) Mounting and AC05 Universal Can Holder to catch empty links in can. Black oxide finish. 

Includes AC04-2 Improved Universal Mounting Fixture (2-sided); two AC05 Universal Can Holders; AC21 Link Chute; AC24 Feed Ramp; and
AC25 Cartridge Ejection Chute and sleeve assy. Accepts U. S. style ammo cans on both sides. Guides empty links into RH can, and expended brass into bucket or other container at base of AA mount. Shown with optional AC11 Pedestal Mount Yoke (NOT INCLUDED). Also accepts AC15 MG-3 AA Tripod Replacement Yoke.

SALE PRICE:  $335.00 without Yoke plus shipping.