Title II Weapons Manufacturer 


010.  Colt Model 1901 U. S. Army Revolver

Cal. .38 Colt.  S/N 170162, mfg. 1901. About 90% original Colt blue, with barrel bore and chambers looking brand new.   However, grip frame was filed on front and rear surfaces, from bottom to one inch or so up (possibly for a small hand?), which appears to have been done a long time ago.  Also missing lanyard ring. In addition to that, wood grips look too beat up (cracked, glued, sanded, no inspector's marks) to be original with this particular revolver.  Otherwise, gun doesn't show much use, and is mechanically excellent.  "RAC" inspector's marks on L. side frame, cylinder, and bottom of barrel, with "K" stamped on yoke and cylinder latch. 

PRICE $895.

003.  First-Year 1929 Production Colt .38 Super auto.

This is a beautiful gun, S/N 1689, that has been sitting in my safe for the last 50 years.  Gorgeous early Colt blue around 95% intact, with very slight holster wear at front of slide.  Bore looks as new.  Has original two-tone magazines, with a usual marks from mag well.  It came to me with two sets of grips;  the wood grips in the pics, which look to be perfect, and mother-of-pearl grips which show their age.  I thought the mother-of-pearl grips had been lost over the years, but I just found them the other day.  I'll have pics of those soon. 

PRICE $4,995. 

006.  Colt Pocket Model .32 Auto, Mfg. 1922

This gun, S/N 414875, shows it was carried some, but fired very little.  It retains 80% or more original bright Colt blue, and is in overall excellent condition, except for a couple of unusual bright streaks at front right side of slide.  Barrel bore is like new--bright with sharp rifling.  Has original two-tone magazine.

PRICE $1,150.

001.  Model 1918 Mauser 13 mm Anti-Tank Rifle, with bipod.

S/N 4011, all-matching numbers (no number on bipod).  Looks unfired, with some old, original hardened grease in places.  No rust or pitting, or damage to metal, including bipod.  Some patina in places you would expect after sitting around for 100 years. Bore excellent.  Barrel and trigger guard have approx. 90 % original blue, while receiver and barrel band/bipod mount are original bright.  Screw slot on trigger guard screw does show idiot marks, however.  Butt-end of stock starting to dry out a little and show glue joint from manufacture. Otherwise, no cracks or damage except for some handling dings.  Cartouches are nice and sharp. On Curio and Relic list as a Title 1 firearm--not a Destructive Device.   Includes one round of original, excellent-condition ammo. 

PRICE $9,995.

009.  Colt Mod. 1889 revolver, civilian version, S/N 26

This is a very nice example of Colt's first swing-out cylinder revolver, manufactured in the first year of production in 1889.  It is the civilian version of the New Navy revolver.  There is no caliber marking on the barrel, and no serial number on the butt.  There is no assembly number--just the serial number; which is marked on the barrel bottom (with a "P" prefix), the cylinder, the yoke, the frame under the yoke, and the cylinder latch.  It has the 5-pointed star Colt inspector's marks.  This gun has no locking notches on outside of cylinder.  Last patent date on barrel is 1888. It looks like it was carried professionally, in a holster, and handled to the point where only 50% or so of the original Colt blue is left intact.  The rest is plum brown with some bright areas from the holster.  It was evidently kept clean and maintained, as the bore is excellent, as well as the chambers in the cylinder.  The mechanical action is good, and the cylinder advances correctly every time and locks up like it should when the trigger is pulled.  Wood grips are in excellent condition, and all of the screw head slots are undamaged. Caliber .38 Colt. 

PRICE $3,100.

012.  Smith & Wesson .38/44 Pre-War Outdoorsman

S/N 42141, Mfg. around 1933-35.  Cal. .38 S&W Special and .38/44 S&W Special.  Only 4,761 manufactured between 1931 and 1941.  Original blue 85-90%, mainly from holster wear.  Beautiful bore and chambers.  Original grips around 30% worn, with small chip at bottom of right grip.  Mechanical condition is excellent!  The Pre-War .38/44 Outdoorsman was one of the revolvers that earned S&W their reputation. 

PRICE $1,495.

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011. Colt Model 1909 U. S. Army Revolver 

S/N 38672, mfg. 1911.  Cal. .45 Long Colt.  Around 90% blue remaining,   Possibly an old factory re-blue, as markings on barrel and removable sideplate are shallow.  However, all other markings on frame, yoke, cylinder are deep.  "RAC" and "U. S. Property" on barrel bottom.  "RAC" on frame and cylinder.  "K" stamped on yoke and cylinder latch.  Wood grips are in good shape, but have shrunk with time.  "RAC" visible on bottom of right grip, but not visible on left grip.  Hammer and trigger show nice heat-blue.  Barrel bore is nice and shiny with sharp rifling.  Chambers in cylinder in same condition.  

PRICE $2,295.

013.  Smith & Wesson Brazilian Contract Model 1917 .45 ACP Revolver

S/N 188571, this revolver was part of a 1938 shipment from S&W to Brazil.  In all, 25,000 were made and shipped in 1938 and 1946.  Some were imported to the US in 1990, and this is one of those.  Importer's mark is stamped over serial number on bottom of barrel underneath ejector rod.  This revolver is in good working order, with 70% or so original blue. There is a small rust spot near the national emblem on the removable sideplate.  Barrel bore is bright and rifling is sharp.  Original wood grips appear solid, but do show their age and experience.  

PRICE $695.

014.  Smith & Wesson model 52-1, .38 Special Wadcutter-only

This pistol, S/N 56055, was purchased new by my father in 1965 , for use in NRA "2700" bulls-eye pistol competition.  I have personal knowledge of this gun's history, as I was there whenever it was fired (I have one just like it which I was also shooting at those times). This is the easiest-to-shoot-accurately centerfire semi-auto pistol I ever used.  This one is in pristine condition, and original blue is at 99.9%.  It is mechanically perfect.  It was always used with factory Match 148-gr. lead wadcutter ammunition only , and kept clean.  The bore still looks as new.  I estimate that around 6,000 rds. total were fired through this gun between 1965 and 1971.  This pistol is single-action-only, with a 5-inch barrel.  Be advised, this is not a "carry" gun--it has a 2 1/2-lb. trigger pull, and is not intended to be used for quick draw. 

PRICE $1,695.

005.  First-year 1903 production Colt Pocket Model .32 Auto

This gun, S/N 17157, has the separate barrel bushing, and around 70% original Colt blue remaining.   Except for the large chip missing from the top rear of the right-hand grip, gun is in very good overall condition. Bore is very good; bright with sharp rifling.  Has original two-tone magazine.  Normally, I would ask $1,495 for this gun, but because of the missing chip, I am discounting the price.

PRICE $1,295.


007.  Colt Pocket Model .380 Auto, Mfg. 1921

Here's a .380, S/N 49640, with about 80% of the original Colt blue.  Bore looks excellent.  Would be mechanically perfect, except that grips fit loosely and right-hand grip has vertical break through screw escutchion (from over-tightening no doubt) and has been repaired with glue. Has original two-tone magazine.

PRICE $950.

002.  Gunsmith-Built Replica Sharps "Big .50" Long-Range Rifle.

If you want to hunt Buffalo, this is the rifle.  Italian-made 1874 action has been "blueprinted", with custom cal. .50-2.5 inch (.50-90 Sharps) extra-heavy barrel.  Has insert-type front sight and vernier tang sight.  Double set triggers.  Comes with C-H reloading dies, mold for 650-gr. Postell-type bullet, over 50 lubed bullets, and at least that much brass.  Weight is 19.5 lbs. Bore excellent--fired very little.  200-yd.5-shot group on paper shown below shot with 24.5 grs. 4759 smokeless powder.  A very impressive, high-quality "build".  

PRICE $1,999.

008.  Colt Army Special .32-20 WCF, mfg. 1924.

This revolver, S/N 504336, has seen some use, with around 50% original Colt blue remaining.  Bore has a few minor pits, but still very shootable.  Hard rubber grips are in good shape--no cracks, etc. Cylinder locks up correctly. Chambers are nice.   A good revolver in a great caliber.

PRICE $650.

004.  Model 1905 Colt .45 automatic pistol.

Another beautiful gun, S/N 5158, manufactured in 1911.  Like the .38 Super above, this gun sat in a box in my safe since 1967. Still has 80-90% original bright and shiny Colt  blue, with a little flaking evident on small area on left side of slide. Bore nice and bright.  Original grips are near-perfect, with no cracks, or any other damage. Condition of monotone (all-blue) magazine matches gun, and is unmarked on bottom. This is a scarce gun in very nice condition. 

​PRICE $4,450.




I have tried to take the pics so that they are true representations of the items; but lighting and reflections can be a problem, and some pics may make the object seem lighter, darker, or more blue-colored than it actually is.   

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